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Johnny LaHoud

Hello my name is Johnny LaHoud and I have been in New York training movement for over 6 years. I found soccer at a young age and added a variety of martial arts to my practice and later became interested in rock climbing. I studied psychology and neuroscience assisting in research at the Columbia Medical Center Taub Institute. I first became interested in plasticity of the nervous system and the brain over the lifetime, and naturally progressed to also include the connective tissue and how it responds to stressors over time. I use both clinical studies and scientific approaches in my training approach and believe in the idea of play. I look forward to meeting you and getting started!

Ippolita Dipaola

A gymnast and dancer in her youth, Ippolita's thirst for knowledge and dream of empowering communities all over the world led to nearly a decade immersed in academia and international development work. After years of neglecting her body, she embarked on a successful lifestyle transformation, shedding a third of her body weight. Ippolita turned her personal weight loss and strength building journey into a career as a personal trainer and coach focused on helping others achieve their own strong body/strong mind goals. As she developed her athleticism and began competing in obstacle course races, she suffered injuries that brought her to train at Revolution in Motion with Alex Kalinkos and Johnny Lahoud. After years of relying on this training modality to keep her healthy and pain free, she apprenticed under Alex Kalinkos to become a level 1 Revinmo trainer in 2016. Combining her experience in functional strength training and HIIT with the athletic performance and neuromuscular work of Revolution in Motion has made Ippolita a better trainer, mover, programmer and thinker.

Body Worker

Lahoud movement believes firmly in the combination of training and treatment. They have a body worker in house, that specializes in myofacial release. One of the elite body workers in all of New York City, you will see major changes in years of bound up fascia. Book a treatment back to back with your training and see the ultimate result. 

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