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"I came to Johnny because I had two herniated discs in my lower back that needed some rehabilitation.  Within a few sessions it was clear to me that Johnny was not only going to fix my back, he was going revolutionize how my body moved.  Because of his extremely rare level of expertise, he was able to look at me walk in a straight line, and know exactly what muscle group needed focus and training.  He knew when parts of my body needed attention before I even did! 

Once my back healed, I immediately requested to train with him in the gym.  I knew Johnny would get me in the best shape of my life.  And he did!  After 15 weeks of training specifically designed for my body, I cut my body fat way down and gained 10 lbs of pure muscle!  See the pictures! Proof!

Johnny is a genius, a miracle worker, and an amazing motivator.  He's always there for you, through and through, and if you trust him, he will have your body doing things you never thought it would." -Jake O.  

"Working with Johnny these past few years has made me a healthier, faster, stronger, more durable, and smarter athlete. Johnny does an exceptional job at communicating with me assessing my matches (both in person and via video) to determine exactly what I need to train to perform my best. It's a team process and once we figure out what I need to go forward he develops a plan. Science and trial are prioritized in his approach. If there's data out there we use it. If the territory is unexplored, he uses deductive reasoning and encourages me to treat the plan as an experiment. If it works and feels right we keep it; if it doesn't we change it until it does. This to me is what makes him so valuable as a trainer. Everything we do is tailor made for me as an individual and for my sport. Even down to the very training day: if I'm feeling like a beast he knows how to push me and if I come in beat up he knows how to adjust. Aside from his physical expertise, I've come to cherish his mental and emotional advice. Corroborating with him on this has lead to huge jumps in my performance by allowing me to mentally access and optimize the toolbox of physical potential that's been developed. His empathy and understanding make the process of opening up easy and comfortable. It's been a privilege having Johnny with me on this journey. -Jonathan S.

"Johnny is not only knowledgeable about how to best train the body, he reminds you how thrilling it is to move! I'm a former Rockette dancer who had an injury that was surrounded by a lot of fear and frustration. I wasn't sure my body could reclaim range of motion, strength or ease of movement. Johnny has been able to help me rebuild not only the area around the injury, but has restored my confidence and love for dance! After my first session I felt 'on my legs' for the first time in 6 years, and since then he's consistently helped me push past my comfort zone and set goals- both physical and psychological. His best training gift has been working with my fear around the injury and turning trauma into strength. Johnny's work is transformational."  -Abbie C.

"I've been training with Johnny for about 5 years now, and I have to say he's one of the most knowledgeable trainers I've ever worked with. It's been an amazing experience. I'm doing things I would never have thought I could do. I'm stronger, taller, have better muscle tone, a more active mind, and better balance. This year I broke my wrist in an accident at my home and although it's been a lot of work, with Johnny's help I'm almost back to 100%! He was able to come up with replacement exercises for the ones I couldn't do. I've gone through major shifts in my body since I've started working with him. It's never boring for sure and it's always challenging! He's got a great personality and makes working out fun." -Rob H.

"I am a retired lawyer who spent years bent over a desk staring at a computer. When I met Johnny my back was curving and I felt constant tension and pain in my neck. Moreover, my hypermobility and balance issues meant that I had been injured while training in the past. Johnny viewed these issues simply as a challenge. Using a mix of isometric exercises, balance work, weight training and joint mobility techniques my back is straighter and I have added muscle. All while avoiding the injuries to which I was prone to while working out! And though he trains me really hard his sessions are fun...Who knew you could laugh and exercise at the same time? -Helayne B.

"I’m feeling much happier and healthier after working with Johnny for over a year.  By working out just once a week on a regular basis, I have made significant improvements in body strength and stamina; balance and posture; flexibility and fitness. Homework assignments, specifically crafted to my needs and abilities are strongly encouraged and help me to advance to a new level of fitness.  These assignments take only 5-10 minutes a day and are supplemented with pictures and videos to help me do them properly.

As a trainer, Johnny is extremely knowledgeable. He always knows just the right exercise that I need to stretch or strengthen a problem area.  He is also very careful and attentive, making me feel completely safe when trying something like a new balancing technique for the first time.  If you have the good fortune to work with Johnny, you will find it both fun and rewarding." -Gerry S.     

"Working with Johnny has been of huge benefit to me. I had never worked with a personal trainer before meeting Johnny and was skeptical I would like it (visions of a boring, dogmatic or boot camp approach), but after over five decades of a physically active life with little guidance on good movement principles, I decided to give it a try. We had been working for almost a year, and I’d seen exciting changes in the barefoot running I love when I broke my arm and was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis. Because of my training, my body was in a really good place to navigate the trauma of the break, and resuming my sessions with Johnny was instrumental in an excellent recovery, despite a surgeon warning that without the surgery I declined I would face lifelong pain and loss of function. Johnny is now an integral part of my drug free program to tackle my osteoporosis. He’s addressing mobility, strength, proprioception, elasticity and more. Johnny is really smart, really creative, great a cuing and great at seeing my body’s quirks. Working with him is challenging and it’s fun. I feel lucky to have crossed paths with him!" -Kate N.

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